Get Ready for Summer- Tips & Tricks

summer planningIt’s that time again! Spring cleaning is out of the way… It’s time to start prepping for all of the summer fun! Follow these tips and tricks to up the ante this summer.

Guest Room Glam

Summer time typically means more travel and excitement. Is your guest room ready for visitors? Spruce up your guest room to prepare for family or friends who might be visiting on vacation. Don’t forget to trade in the heavy comforters for lighter linens – these small changes make a huge difference when it comes to the comfort level of your guests.

Decked Out

When it comes to home prep, another area to focus on is your outside patio.  One way to create your own summer sanctuary is by investing in some tropical décor. For many, summertime is also barbeque time – be sure you are stocked up on all of your grilling essentials. Impress your guests and take a break from the usual by dining alfresco. Keep guests comfortable and the mosquitoes at bay by having citronella candles on hand.

Plan Ahead

Still finalizing your summer vacation plans? Make sure you have your destinations planned in advance. Not only do hotels run out of vacancy, prices typically increase drastically when booked last minute.


Summer Survival

Afraid your garden won’t make it through the harsh summer months? Take control. A shade cloth can be essential for protecting your more fragile plants. Mulch is another great way to make sure the fertility and moisture in your soil is retained.

Did you know some plants are better suited than others to the extremities associated with the summer months? Some examples of heat resistant plants include peppers, squash, tomatoes, basil and okra.

Keep Your Cool

Regular checkups and maintenance is an essential part of most things in life. Your air conditioner is not an exception. Avoid last minute emergencies by making sure your air conditioner is receiving regular tune-ups.

The same story goes for your refrigerator – you must ensure the coils are cleaned regularly. Test your refrigerator seal by placing a small piece of paper in the edge of the door. Close the door with the paper still in place. If you do not experience resistance when removing the paper, it’s time to replace that seal.

Be strategic. Ceiling fan placement is surprisingly a very sophisticated process – not just simply in the center of the room. Efficiency of the ceiling fan can actually be complemented by placement, depending on the design of the room. Simple tasks like cleaning your screen doors regularly, to allow seamless air flow, can make a world of difference.

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