Packing Tips for Your Next Adventure


Summer is here! All set for your next big adventure? Keep your family on track with these essential packing tips!

Custom Made

Every situation is unique and different in its own right. Creating a proper packing plan can prove to make your journey more enjoyable. Research your destination to determine key items for your packing list, and then adjust your list accordingly. Even if you’ve traveled to the same place multiple times, it can be helpful to visit websites dedicated to the area you will be visiting. You might even find a fun new activity to try out which requires specific attire! Consider local holidays and traditions and check the weather forecast routinely. Better to be safe than sorry!

Roll or fold? The age old packing question

Unsure which side of the fence you are on? Many travel experts agree that rolling clothing items, then placing them into your suitcase, actually saves space! On the other side of the spectrum, those who fold find their baggage typically do so to ensure organization – items are can be found with ease. Another consolidation option to consider, some vacuum sealed bags can actually triple your storage space.

The Souvenir Struggle

No matter which packing option you choose, it’s important to have extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs you plan to purchase. If you purchased breakables, be sure to surround them with soft clothing – don’t be afraid to ditch the bubble wrap. Wine bottles should be packed in large Ziploc bags. Eliminate the souvenir stress by mailing your more fragile items back home.  Do you have customs & quarantine questions? Visit Customs and Border Protection website before you buy!

Packing is an art, not a science

The packing process can be stressful. Avoid the last minute madness by packing early – adjusting your suitcase content as needed based on weather forecasts, etc. You don’t want to risk leaving anything behind so you over pack, or worse, under packing and needing to something a new.

Have a high maintenance packer in your family? Encourage them to bring items which will make them feel more comfortable, all the while cultivating a spirit of less is more. Packing isn’t a cookie cutter process. As with most things in life, packing is a delicate process requiring deep consideration.

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