3 Ways to Re-Think Aging

Aging can be another new beginning. With modern advances, we now have an opportunity to view aging as a time to set goals and refocus.

Rethink aging

Walkability within Our Communities

It’s estimated that 22% of the population will be over 65 by 2030 (the fastest growing cohort will be 75+). For the better of humanity, we need to find innovative ways to be sure the aging population remains engaged in the community. One way to benchmark our communities is by measuring the ease of travel for aging population. Our infrastructure must be able to support the needs of older people – mainly enabling them to live independently.

Communities with built-in amenities can make a huge difference in the quality of life. Walking can also keep you fit and healthy. As they say, use it or lose it!

Think of the Possibilities
“Part of the process of beginning anew, or changing directions is to know where you want to go. I know this sounds simplistic and easy, but this is one of the most difficult of choices to make with clarity.” Byron Pulsifer, May Is Not Just For Flowers

To fully embrace aging you must look at it with an open mind, options which did not exist in prior years are now readily available. It is not too late to refocus your goals or to find a new passion. Modern medicine is not the only advancement for those heading into retirement. Look into options which make sense for you.

Spend some time reflecting on what you value most. Do you want to be close to your grandchildren? Always wanted to live near the beach? Figure out what you want and how to make that a reality.

Experience is the Mother of Wisdom

If you gained experience in the workforce, you have a level of professionalism to share with the world. Your expertise is a powerful gift. Not sure how to add value to your industry? Some options include applying for a consultant role, becoming a mentor or even joining a committee in your local community.   Effectively sharing your knowledge helps engrain what you know.

Did you know recent polls show millennials are more interested in coaching and feedback than prior generations? There is no shortage of young professionals needing guidance. For best results, go into the partnership with an open mind, as the mentees inexperience can provide powerful insight.

Want to make a huge impact? The internet has been a key factor in globalization, breaking down communication barriers between cultures in a way no one would have dreamed of in previous generations. In many ways, talking to one person online is more like talking to thousands. Whether you post an opinion, publish a blog or retweet a quote- you communicating online makes an impact.









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