Top Features to look for in Your New Home


In the market for a new home?! In the article below, we’ve outlined the important features in which you should look for when preparing to purchase a new residence. A number of factors need to be considered when conducting the new home search.


REMEMBER:  Purchasing a home should NOT be a daunting task. Finding your DREAM home should be a fun-filled adventure.

Efficiency 101

Why look for homes built with sustainability in mind? First of all, energy efficient homes will end up saving you money on your monthly utility bills. High efficiently central cooling and heating is a must for any new home – this is just another example of how you can cut down on your monthly expenses.

Insulation Investigation

When focused on air quality remember to look for homes which are designed with a fresh air intake and an insulated duct air condition system. The efficiency of your HVAC system is just one factor to consider, be sure your potential new home has only double paned glass as it can also assist in providing comfortable climate within your home year-round. Be on the lookout for low-emissivity (Low-E) windows, sliders and glass doors.

Safety First!

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be located in obvious locations throughout the entire home – a Realtor should be able to point them out with ease. When accessing the security system of a new home be sure ALL operable windows and doors are accounted for in the security monitoring overview.

Are you purchasing a home in Florida? Storm shutters or panels can really increase your peace of mind when considering storm protection. Some homes are designed purposely with front doors which swing-inwards in case of high wind gusts. For many years the typical American standard was for the front door to swing outwards. Are the front door hinges located on the outside of the house? For increased security protection, add a deadbolt (lock and key) to hinges located on the outside.

Enhanced Designs

This part is all about YOU! Make a list of the items which are extremely important to you. Bombarded with a morning hustle? A raised vanity and oversized walk-in closet can improve your morning routine. From the crown molding to the base boards, your dream home should include exceptional interior finishes. Quality homes are designed and built with you in mind.

Living Luxuriously

Luxury is all in the details! Simple sensations like the ease of operation when using rocker-style electricity switches should be on the forefront of your mind.  These small luxuries can make a large difference in your day-to-day routines. Ever had a water heater too small for your home? Check into the recovery time associated with maintaining hot water before you buy. High-quality water heaters, just like high-quality appliances of all sorts, come with documentation highlighting important standards like recovery time.







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