Is Florida for you?

Contemplating relocation? One of a few worthwhile pieces of advice I’ve heard consistently is: location, location, location! Read on to learn about the perks of Florida living.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Given the sheer size of Florida, you have to expect that it has large amount to offer. Two different coasts, the Gulf and Atlantic, call for an extraordinarily unique amount of options. Did you know? No matter where you happen to be located in Florida, you are less than 60 miles from the beach at ALL times?!

Exploring Florida

Have you ever taken a road trip in Florida? It would take nearly nine hours to drive from the top of the state to the southernmost point of Florida in Key West. Not only is paradise in your backyard, but a simple road trip can make you feel like you’re in a whole new place. It does not take much gasoline to explore Florida’s unique and diverse landscapes.

Nature Lovers…

Natural Florida habitats are ripe for the exploring!  Are you a thrill-seeker? Take an airboat tour of the Everglades or visit one of Florida’s many underwater caves – the options are limitless. Upon arrival the United States, Ponce de Leon labeled Florida’s natural springs as the “fountain of youth.” Interestingly enough, these “hidden springs” are one of the sunshine states well kept secrets. Nearly 900 breathtaking freshwater springs exist in Florida.

Proven Fact: Florida has the oldest continuously occupied European-established city and port in the continental United States. St. Augustine, home of the Fountain of Youth, was established in 1565.

…Social Butterflies

Fun Fact: If you live in Florida, people will want to come visit you. From Disney adventures to tropical paradise, Florida can really rally the troops. With 13+ International Airport options, visiting Florida is a breeze for the whole family.  Interested in the finer things in life? Miami offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle that can fill every heart’s desire.

Always a Celebration

The fact that the weather is good enough to wear shorts and t-shirt weather 365 days out of the year is cause enough for celebration. Floridians have a variety of reasons to celebrate, and they take advantage of each and every one reason. Looking for a festival? From margaritas to seafood it seems like Floridians are always hosting some sort of outdoor festivity.



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