7 Benefits of Buying a Coach Home

Buyer’s voices have been heard! 2016 surveys show, consumers are looking for diversity when purchasing their dream home – even moving away from traditional single-family home purchases. Home builders and real estate developers alike are paying attention to the shifting market; most are now offering a variety of diverse communities to fit every lifestyle.Coach homes.png

Let’s start with the basics: What is a coach home? It is a group of typically 3 or more homes together. These homes are specifically designed for carefree living, convenience and often times other outstanding benefits. Have you considered the benefits of a coach home? In this blog we discuss why this could be the right choice for you!

Creative Angles 

Looking for unique architectural flair? The thoughtful planning around the design and construction is focused on maximizing space. Coach homes have expansive floor plans which feature a wide array of stylish finishes.


In a coach home, you are a part of a community. Socializing is made easy in these unique living spaces. Whether it is a social gathering in the clubhouse or a quiet morning on the lanai, coach homes allow the community members opportunity to socialize regularly. The options are limitless! Research shows these living spaces create a true sense of belonging amongst residents.


As always, accountability makes a difference. Coach home communities are typically tight knit groups which in turn tend to look out for one another. When it comes down to safety, buyers must look for homes fully equipped with security systems that connect with all operable doors and windows. Coach homes are designed with security in the forefront of the builders mind.

Greater Convenience 

Carefree living is what coach homes are all about! Since coach homes are typically multiple stories, elevators are an added luxury feature in the home design.

Low Maintenance 

Talk about convenience! Instead of starting from scratch, most coach homes include a professionally designed lush landscape package. Outside of your home you can expect decorative coach lights designed for style as well as security. Whether it is your decking or balcony, expect an expert design for long lasting quality and weather resistance. Most importantly, you don’t have to maintain the exterior of your home…that’s all done for you!

Endless Amenities 

Did we mention the sense of community associated with coach home living? Take that to the next level with included amenities. Most communities include the following:

  • Resort-style pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Bar & Grill
  • Fitness Center
  • Cabanas
  • Breath-taking views

Diverse Lifestyle  

Living in a coach home is a lifestyle change. Not only is it an exciting way to downsize into a comfortable and convenient living situation, it is a new opportunity to belong to a diverse community.

Live comfortably. You know you deserve it!

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