Home Décor Ideas for This Fall!

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Instead of Foliage – try Faux-Foliage

Need an autumn touch?! You can provoke a festive feeling around your house by decorating your home with silk fall leaves. These can be purchased at nearly any craft store. Some ideal placement ideas for fall leaves include bookshelves, picture frames and table settings.


Pump It Up

Pumpkins are a key fall tradition. Switch up your home décor by placing pumpkins in unique areas around the house. Do you have a cake stand or fancy candy dish? Use them to work as a pedestal for your pumpkin.

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The Ombre

The ombre has likely been one of the most popular looks of 2016. Take style to the next level by creating an ombre pinecone for your fall home décor. All you need is a couple of pinecones and a few different shades of acrylic paint. Once you’ve determined the fall colors that suit your style, carefully paint the tips of each pinecone. Just like an ombre, paint from light to dark!


Acorns 101

Need a fun and festive table topper idea? Use acrylic paint on acorns in an assortment of fall colors and simply display on the center of the table in a glass bowl.

Pro Tip: Use glitter to add a little sparkle and to make the colors pop!


Get Gorgeous Gourds

Want to spice up those boring traditional gourds? Add some dazzle by gluing rhinestones to gourds. Rhinestones are a very inexpensive way to creatively jazz up your regular fall style. This is a great project for adults and children of all ages!


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