5 Ways to Take Advantage of Credit Card Points

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Tis’ the Season to SAVE! The holidays typically mean we are spending more than usual. Did you know those purchases can work towards your advantage? From cash back deals to airline miles – you can benefit from spending this holiday season!

Close out the year with some OUTSTANDING deals by taking advantage of credit card point savings. Polls show many Americans become nervous when considering opening new accounts with credit card companies. Don’t let cold feet prevent you from saving! Below we’ve outlined some of the most important Do’s and Don’ts. By following these simple tips, you will learn how to SAVE big using credit card points.

It’s All About YOU

Not sure how to get started? The first step is determining what you value as far as hobbies, financial goals and expectations for the upcoming year. As 2016 wraps up, you have an opportunity to evaluate what you are specifically looking to accomplish in 2017. Credit card points can provide a variety of benefits to you and your family. Are you planning a large vacation? Look for cards which offer airline mile deals. If you are moving into 2017 with a strict budget, be sure to look for card offering cash back rewards. Align your personal interests with your financial goals to ensure savings success!

Stick to the Bottom-line

Did you know credit card companies get HUGE incentives to offer specific savings with retailers? Just because your financial provider is offering a discount at a specific store doesn’t mean that is your only option. Don’t let convenience keep you from shopping around. Credit card companies and retailers work together to ensure they both are benefiting from their partnership. Do yourself a favor and take the time to benchmark retailer’s deals.

Switch it Up

How long have you had your credit card? Since we are creatures of habit, change can be a scary word. See if the grass is greener by researching deals often and thoroughly. Many credit card deals offer 0% APR for the first year only! If that is not enough incentive to check around, think about the competitive nature of financial organizations. Each company evaluates the competition to ensure they are offering the best deals at that specific time.


Loyalty can go a long way.  Start by determining which card will work the hardest for you. Once you have identified your goals and picked a card which suits your needs, use that card for the majority of your spending. By sticking with one card, you will meet your goals more consistently and in a shorter amount of time.

Read the Fine Print

Things change. Keep an eagle eye on your spending and credit card contract changes. You have the opportunity to beat the odds with credit card deals. When evaluating trends, the financial companies expect a certain level of flat out laziness from their customers. Take the time to monitor your accounts to make sure you are coming out on top. Add deal expirations, term changes and even credit score changes to your calendar. The value of your conscientiousness will pay off tenfold.







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