5 Ways to Save on Holiday Spending

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Do things differently this year! Are you ready for some real deals? Saving money on holiday expenses isn’t easy but we’re got you covered! Outlined below are some of our out-of-the-box ideas that can save your pocket this season.

Reward Points Paradise

Reward points can be a game changer when we talk about holiday spending. The first thing that typically comes to mind when discussing reward points is nearly always credit card deals. Even though credit card rewards can equate to huge savings, you can get specific reward points from retailers directly. The retailers logic is simply the more you shop at one vendor, the more you save. Many stores offer gift card deals, i.e. buy $100 in gift cards; get a $25 gift card for FREE.

Post-Holiday Spending Strike

STOP spending. Sounds impossible, right? If you plan ahead you can potentially pull this one off. Start by creating a budget of your everyday expenses. See where you can cut back and do your best to stick to your budget. Not sure which month of the year is best? January typically proves to be successful as you are likely to be in need of a spending detox. Another great month you cut back is during your birthday month – family and friends are normally more inclined to go out of their way to splurge on you.

Ready to Recycle?

In this age of constantly expanding technology, we are all likely to have some outdated items lying around our homes. For instance, take the time to sort through some of your old electronics to determine the specific value associated with an item. Items like old cell phones, laptops, kitchen appliances, cameras and GPS navigation systems are options to consider. You can not only potentially benefit financially, but recycling is necessary to ensuring a sustainable planet.

Christmas Closet

You can ensure success by planning ahead. The best things in life take time and effort – procrastination can be very costly. Many of the most expensive purchases are caused by an unrealistic sense of urgency. As a rule of thumb, items which are bought out of convenience are typically more expensive. Have you noticed paper towels are usually drastically more expensive at corner/drug stores? Retailers understand trends. You are more likely to pay a higher price for items when you buy them last minute. Create a Christmas closet to avoid these high prices.

Christmas After Christmas

Did you know stats show prices are typically much better after Christmas than Black Friday? Schedule a post-holiday family gathering for a gift exchange. Mall prices drop pretty quickly after the holidays. Leave yourself a little leeway when scheduling the “After Christmas” date celebration. Prices can stay artificially high for a week or so as retailers expect consumers to spend gift card money immediately following the holidays. Note: This is also the best time of year to save on holiday home décor.

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