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Back to School: How to tackle the new school year on a budget


Now that summer is coming to a close, the commencement of a new school year is amongst us.  For some it’s an exciting time; for others (much like our kids) we dread it, simply because of the expenses that are involved.  Not to worry! We’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help you cut down on costs while still providing the very best educational experience for your children.

  • Start with what you already have –– Do an inventory of leftover materials from the previous school year and determine what your child has, what they need, and what they can do without.
  • Create a list ­­–– Many teachers create a list of materials that they will require throughout the year.  Examine the lists for duplicate materials and purchase to your child’s need or by teacher demand.
  • Borrow materials or take ‘hand me downs’ –– Check with other parents to see if their child has used similar materials, textbooks or if they’ve outgrown their supplies (i.e.; elementary supplies, textbooks from grades prior, helpful learning aids)
  • Establish a budget ­­–– Before hitting the stores, determine a budget that is reasonable, keeping in mind that you may need to replenish some of these materials throughout the school year.
  • Find the best deals –– Check the Sunday paper for bargains, coupons or promotions available before purchasing something that may be over-priced.
  • Tax-Free –– Check the following link to see if your state is exempt from taxes during back to school shopping:

Do you have any helpful tips for getting more for your buck during back to school? Share below.

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