Happy Homeowners – Bedwell Family – Bonita Isles


We love hearing what our homeowners have to say about their Minto experience! Recently, we spoke to the Bedwell family and they gushed over their new Minto home and we couldn’t help but share.

We asked the Bedwell’s:

1) Why did you choose Minto as your 1st homebuilder choice?
“The complex itself was amazing! We were impressed by the amenities, location and the beautiful surroundings.”

2) What community did you select to live in?
“We selected Bonita Isles.”

3) What is your favorite part about living in this community?
“We love the quality of our home. We feel safe because our community is gated and the location is extremely central and close to everything. One of our favorite amenities to use is the workout room!”

4) Which model did you select for your home?
“We chose the Barcelona model as our home.”

5) Can you explain a little bit about the process of purchasing your first Minto Home?
“We lived in Michigan and were thinking about relocating to Florida. At first, we were looking at used condos and then we stumbled upon Minto Homes at Bonita Isles. We chose this community due to the location and amenities. Before we made our selection, we visited about 3 times, each time as a perspective buyer. The salespersons were very helpful. Working with the manager of Bonita Isles was great! They were very professional and owned it. We are thankful for Minto and the Minto experience.”

6) If you could give advise to future Minto homeowners, what would you say? “There’s no need to worry, you’re the luckiest people in the world.”

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