I’ll be (Minto) Home for Christmas!

For those who don’t live close to other family members, sometimes holidays can be lackluster. But when your neighbors and friends are in the same boat, why not spend the holidays together? Here are a couple of ways to spice up the holidays and bring good tidings!

  1. Go the old-fashioned way and host a Potluck dinner!

Look, let’s put that less-than-pleasant memory or trying great-aunt Dottie’s potluck dish only to find out that it wasn’t at all what you thought it was. But given the fact that it’s the holiday season, isn’t it about time to put a fresh spin on the ol’ potluck get-together? There are so many delicious, healthy, mouth-watering dishes to be tasted, and good times to be had with your friends who also may not have immediate family around!

Coordinate a Progressive dinner with your friends and neighbors

  1. If you haven’t experienced a Progressive dinner, run to your next door neighbors right now and tell them they’re participating whether they like it or not. It works like this: each home hosts one course. Appetizers, salads, pastas, meats, fruit & cheese platters, desserts, coffee, etc. the choices are limitless! Sometimes known as a safari-supper or potluck round-robin, you visit from home to home to eat, drink and be merry!
  1. You can always have your teenager or grandchild teach you how to Skype or Facetime with your family as you open presents together.

If you opt-out for a more quiet and personal holiday season, try Skyping or Facetiming with friends and family as you open presents together on Christmas morning or share a virtual dinner with one another. Sometimes just the sight and sound of your loved ones is enough to bridge distances and share the holiday spirit!

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