Simple Ways to Liven Your Décor

After all the holiday décor, your home might feel a little hum-drum. Here are three simple tips to help liven your home in a fresh, inspired way!                                                                             


Throw Pillows

The rules are: there are no rules! Throw in some pillows for a pop of color, some pattern mixing, or just plain fun to add some pizzaz to your living space. Not everything has to match perfectly: a little change in style adds a homey touch.






Go big in your home! The use of large mirrors in a small room makes the room feel bigger and less restricting. Adding a large mirror to your foyer or small sitting area will open up the entire area.






Go Green

A little indoor greenery is a sure-fire way to add color to any room! From floral arrangements, to potted plants and trees, the sky’s (or ceiling’s) the limit!

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