Simple Ways to Stay Active


Think “staying active” means training for a marathon? Think again! A few simple techniques snuck into your everyday life can do the job just fine! We’ve compiled a list of our favorites below! How are you staying active?

Made for the Shade

While running errands, park in the shadiest spot, not the closest, to log more steps and keep the car cool.

Walk and Talk

Meeting with a friend? Make it active! While walking at a moderate pace uses almost two-and-a-half times the energy of sitting in a meeting, mobile meetings can also strengthen work relationships, improve health, and boost creativity.

Grocery Laps

Browsing the perimeter of a grocery store can do more than just promote healthy food choices. Take a couple of laps to compare prices and rack up some steps! Pushing a cart around the grocery store uses 105 to 155 calories in a half-hour. Bonus points for lugging home the groceries.

Game Night

Host your friends to an active night of “exergames” like Kinect or Wii Fit Plus and increase your energy expenditure up to three times more than just sitting!

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