3 Ways to Reconnect with Old Friends!

Want to catch up with an old friend and don’t know how? The first step to getting back in touch is determining who you’d like to reconnect with and how to make the introduction. Here are 3 helpful ways to get back in touch:

old friend

  1. Use Social Media

Globalization through technology has changed the world entirely. We now can instantly connect with people all over the globe. Not sure specifically who you’d like to catch up with? Try updating your profile to include details which will help others find you. Once you’ve updated your social media profile, try checking into the groups they offer. People typically join groups on social media because they want to stay involved or receive regular notifications. Some examples would include previous high schools, colleges, companies and churches you’ve attended. Affiliates within those groups typically enjoy reconnecting on a timely basis – that’s why they’ve also taken time to join.

Another cool way to locate lost companions is by searching for key words within tags. It might surprise you how easily you can find familiar faces! Once you’ve identified someone who you’d like to strike a conversation with, try sending a Facebook or message through your social media account to kick off the introduction. Give them a short, not overly general, update on what you’ve been doing. Social media is a simple and straight forward way to let an old friend know you have been thinking about them.

  1. Check Out the Old Stomping Grounds

A change of pace can refresh your entire outlook. A good way to rekindle with old companions is to start where you first met them.

Here are a few ideas you can try this year! Did you attend college out of state? Don’t wait around for the next reunion – cross paths with fellow alumni at your school’s homecoming football game. Dig up some of your old roots by visiting the town you grew up in to investigate the whereabouts of your childhood buddies.

  1. Create a Unique Way to Reconnect

Try to remember something unique about the person who you’d like to get to know again. Did that person love the Detroit Red Wings? Strike up a conversation about this year’s hockey play offs. Keep up to date with the things your old friend enjoyed. You can increase the likelihood of staying connected by bonding over a shared passion. Plus an easy way to start a conversation is by telling the person you saw something which made you think of them specifically.



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