New Year’s Resolutions


Each year, it is customary to leave our old ways behind and commence the New Year with a fresh start.  For some, it is a new outlook or perspective on life that may jumpstart this experience.  For others it’s doing the things we didn’t follow through with in years past that creates this motivation.

To kick off 2014, we have composed a list of ways to maintain your resolutions so that they may be reasonable as well as successful year round!

  1. Display your resolutions in a place that you’ll see on a regular basis as a constant reminder.
  2. Set a time/alarm to make sure to read your resolution or goal thoroughly
  3. Set mini-goals for your resolution (ie; loosing weight weekly, reading an extra chapter each day)
  4. Reward yourself when you reach a reasonable goal or milestone within your resolution
  5. Build upon your current goals and turn them into a lifestyle!

Do you think that New Year’s resolutions are efficient? What are some of your own New Year’s resolutions?

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