Considering Buying a New Home? Write a wish list for your dream home!


If you could create a home tailor-made to your liking, what would you include?

When contemplating the purchase of your next Minto home, what are some of the must-haves that you and your family are looking for? Whether it’s a specific model, your choice for upgrades, lifestyle, location, amenities and surrounding areas, what are some of your deciding factors?

Begin by selecting not only comfort, but also practicality.

  • Browse the selection of models that are available and visualize yourself living in the home.  Keep in mind the number of people that will be residing there and allocate a purpose for each room in the home.

Selecting upgrades

  • Browse the list of included features and premium upgrades available and tweak as needed or by preference.

Location, location, location

  • One of the main deciding factors may be where your new home will be located.  Keep in mind the following:
    • How far is the commute to work?
    • What is the closest hospital?
    • What schools are nearby?
    • What is around for entertainment, food, etc.

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