Thanksgiving From a (senior) Man’s Point of View

Minto Happy-Thanksgiving Cover Photo


It doesn’t get any better than celebrating this joyous occasion in any state North of the Mason Dixon line. Gold & red leaves falling from the trees, fresh chopped wood is stacked on the side of  the house, and the smell of burning chimneys fill the air.

Perhaps the only thing bigger than the turkey dinner on  Thanksgiving  Day is  the early NFL game featuring the Detroit Lions, which kicks off just before gramps gives the  blessing; an embellished  prayer that resembles  something  like Archie Bunker reading from a  King James bible; both heart-felt and entertaining.

Dessert on Thanksgiving day is a man’s right of passage.  It initiates during the late game, featuring the Dallas Cowboys, where a host of men gather round the TV with their shoes off and pants  slightly unbuttoned while holding a slice of pumpkin pie with just a splash of whipped cream.  The really old guys can still hold the pie while cocking their heads back and snoring, all without dropping a crumb.

Oh…. Those glorious five weeks of fall; followed by 17 weeks of cold, gray, winter.

So here’s a question.

Your kids are out of school. Your house is paid for, and you’re retired or preparing for retirement.  Why in the world are you choosing to spend the best years of your adult life hibernating like a bear in the basement for 17 weeks?   This is America.  We are free to choose.  After all, isn’t that why the Pilgrims sailed the ocean blue…for the freedom  to choose?

This Thanksgiving, we’re going old school.

We’re embracing the spirit of our ancestors to  choose what’s  right,  what’s  warm and what’s  more aligned with our active life style.  We are not just exercising to lower our cholesterol.   We are exercising our freedom to live  life abundantly in the warm Florida sunshine… and in a brand new Minto Home.   With communities throughout Florida, we can choose destinations like Orlando,  Tampa/Sarasota, Naples on the West Coast and Palm Beach/Fort Lauderdale and Port St. Lucie on the East Coast.

Next Thanksgiving;  travel north to visit  your family and celebrate Thanksgiving  with the leaves and chimney smoke and football and all that.

Then, on Thanksgiving Sunday, get back on the airplane and head to Florida and your new Minto home.

Exercise  your freedom  to choose this Thanksgiving by turning those nasty 17 weeks up north into a permanent vacation in a Florida Minto Community.  http://goo.gl/BxUdIr

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