Moving to Florida is simply pragmatic

Shopping for a home can be tedious. But, if you live in a state where the temperature averages 35 degrees during the winter, the decision to move to Florida shouldn’t be. There comes a point in the decision making process when you have to set aside the glossy color brochures and cabinet samples and make an objective decision. If you are a logical person, you’ve probable used the Ben Franklin approach at one time or another.

Well, put your hands together and welcome back Mr. B. Frank for an anchor performance that compares living in Florida to living up north.

Florida: hot summers, warm winters, no state income tax, brand new afordable homes with palm trees & pools

Winter activities: Golf, Beach & Fishing

Up North: Hot summers, freezing cold, bone-chilling winters, big time state income tax, old, outdated, expensive homes that need renovated

Winter activities: Watch TV while drinking beer in the basement


If this exercise has helped you finally gain closure on a decision to buy a home in Florida, take the next logical step and click on the link below to tour a Minto home in one of their many Florida communities.

Stop dreaming the dream and start living the dream in a Minto home, where your life becomes a permanent vacation.


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