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Give Thanks-Volunteer!


Volunteering to help the less fortunate is an incredible way to give back for Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season. The task of finding a cause to donate your time and services may seem daunting, so we’ve compiled a list to help you start giving!

Contact Local Branches of Nationally Recognized Volunteer Organizations

United Way

Contact your local United Way branch and ask for a list of homeless shelters and other agencies that serve food in your community. You can then call each shelter to ask if you can volunteer during the holidays!

Salvation Army

Ask the Salvation Army if they will be delivering or serving meals during the holidays and if you can volunteer to help with either activity.

Meals on Wheels

Participation with Meals on Wheels generally requires a commitment of participation several times before the holidays to prove yourself as a reliable volunteer. Call your local chapter to learn about their requirements and sign up!

Contact Local Caregivers

Hospice Organizations

Contact local hospice organizations to see if you can help with meal delivery or any other services during the holidays, or on a specific day.

USO/VA Hospital

Local branches help veterans in the area. Contact them to inquire if they are planning any activities during the holidays for which you can volunteer.

Get Creative

Season’s Greeting Cards

Many organizations will accept holiday greeting cards, including local children’s hospitals, senior homes and jails. Call the location of your choosing and ask what the procedures are for delivery and how many cards should be made to ensure everyone receives a greeting.

Baked Goods

Opt for an impromptu showing of holiday spirit by delivering baked goods by some places that may have some people working—animal shelters, police stations, firehouses—to spread holiday cheer!

Enlist Friends and Family

Not only can volunteering be an enriching experience for you, but also for your circle of friends and family! You can establish a new tradition or simply have a day of fun making cards, crafts, and baked goods to donate.

Other Resources

Feeling inspired? Below is a list of additional resources that will link you with volunteer opportunities in your community and beyond!

VolunteerMatch                                                                    Network For Good

Idealist/Action Without Borders                                             Do Something                                                                           Volunteer Solutions

All for Good                                                                 

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