5 Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas

Need some last minutes ideas to make your Valentine’s Day extra special? We’ve got you covered.

 Below we have outlined step-by-step instructions for cute DIY Valentine’s treats. Each of these are easy and fun – 30 minutes or less guaranteed!

Remember: It’s the thought that counts but fabulous details cannot hurt!

  • 1. For the Chocolate Lover!


heart shape.png

Step 1)

Clean and dry the strawberries

Step 2)

Cut the strawberries in half.

Pro Tip: Cut a little bit more so that you achieve a heart shape then join together with a tooth pick.

Step 3)

Dip the Strawberries in melted chocolate. Add some sprinkles for fun or use different colors of chocolate to dress your chocolate strawberries.

Pro Tip: Dry the berries before dipping them in chocolate. A thin layer will be ideal compared to a thick one.

2. For the Healthy at Heart

healthy heart.png

Step 1)

Purchase fruit, bamboo skewers and heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Pro Tip: Pick firm fruits (firm enough to withstand having a hole dug into them like apples, melons and pineapple).

Step 2)

Make heart fruits using a cookie cutter! Have the fruit pieces threaded onto the skewers.

3. Capture their Heart


Step 1)

Start by simply placing the heart-shaped gummies on each end of the pretzel stick.

Step 2)

To create the feathered look on the left side of the arrow, slice the middle of the heart-shaped gummy to separate ends

4. Melt Their Heart


Step 1)

Melt the chocolate and dip the tip of the wafer cookie

Step 2)

Add some sprinkles to the side of wafer with the wet chocolate.


5. Low Calorie Love





Step 1)

Purchase low calorie strawberry popsicles.

Step 2)

Dip popsicles in dark chocolate. Add sprinkles for an extra touch!


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