Healthy Food Choices And Their Healing Effects

Would you like to cure your headaches, bloating, sleepiness and sore muscles with foods that you enjoy, rather than taking medicine that barely helps? Well, I have good news for you! Here are some simple foods you might already have at home that are natural healing remedies for these bothersome symptoms:

watermelon-for-recovery-1508131. Watermelon: Dehydration is a main cause of headaches, so the next time you get one, try eating some watermelon. This water-rich fruit contains minerals like magnesium that keep your brain hydrated and increase your alertness. It’s as little as eating one slice or putting a small chunk into your water glass. Of course, you can get creative and make a watermelon smoothie or a fruit salad, but if you’re looking for a quick on-the-go fix, one slice or chunk in your water will do the trick.

cheese crackers12. Cheese and Crackers: You might think this is a little ridiculous, but if you’re ever feeling drained or exhausted in the afternoon, cheese and crackers will wake you right up! That’s right, cheese and crackers are energy fueled snacks. This duo of deliciousness is full of B12, B6 and protein that will give you just the right amount of energy to go on with your day. Serotonin, the “feel good” chemical in the brain, is stimulated in order to waken your body. Be careful with the amount of cheese you use and make sure the crackers are whole grain, or else this remedy will not work. Eight whole grain crackers to one ounce of cheese is a safe ratio to stick with.


3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil throughout the day when you have sore muscles will help tremendously. It is an anti-inflammatory that is equal to 10% of one dose of Ibuprofen. Olive oil is full of Oleocanthal which speeds up muscle repair. No, you don’t have to take them by the spoonful…unless you really want to. Mix it in with your veggies or your post workout salad and it will do the job.

4. ChamomilTeae Tea: You may have heard of this one already, but chamomile tea
is great for curing bloating. Not only is it very tasty, but it also relaxes your gastrointestinal muscles, while the water will shrink your bloated stomach area by improving your digestion. Chamomile tea is all around beneficial because it relieves stress as well.

If you struggle with any of these symptoms, these natural remedies will be sure to help you out. You might not even have to leave the house, because they are all pretty common food items you may have already. They’re easy, quick, and effective!

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