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Basic Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

As a homeowner, there are a lot of purchases and upgrades to consider when it comes to improving and maintaining a house. If you haven’t already purchased a well-stocked toolkit, you should consider getting one. However, not every kit comes with all the tools you may need. Here are a few essentials you should have for a smooth-running home, and depending on what projects arise in the future, be open to adding to your toolkit as time goes on. 

Cordless Drill

cordless drill

Drills are must-have tools for home projects, but it’s still important to handle them safely. Learn how to drill correctly, so you don’t get injured and when in doubt watch videos on YouTube or check out your drill’s manual. It’s nice knowing that a power drill can help you with a variety of tasks, from driving and drilling to sanding and buffing. Better yet, a cordless drill provides these benefits, and the biggest perk of all is that you don’t have to deal with a cord!  

Stud Finder

stud finder

A stud finder, which is a handheld device used to locate framing studs behind drywall, is another vital tool a homeowner should have. Studs are vertical 2-by-4-inch beams that are a part of almost every structural feature in the home. When it’s time to hang pieces of wall art on the wall, it’s important to do it right. That’s where a stud finder comes in. Use your stud finder to locate a stud and then attach a screw to it, making it easy to hang up artwork.

Adjustable Wrench


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Who can live without an adjustable wrench? It’s pretty hard to do without one as a new homeowner. Even though most of us know what a wrench is, just a refresher it is a tool used to provide grip as you turn objects such as nuts and bolts. In particular, adjustable wrenches come with a fixed jaw point on the top and another moveable jaw that you can use to tighten against a nut, bolt head, or another fixture that has more than one side. Assembling furniture or making your own is one example of a project where a wrench will come in handy. Use this useful tool to fit a nut or bolt and make your home projects a lot easier.  

Tape Measure

tape measure

A tape measure is another essential tool to have and learning how to read a tape measure is an essential skill, especially if you’re taking on DIY projects. Here’s a helpful tip: Most tape measures have a red mark on them at 16 inches, which is the typical length between studs in a wall. Another useful tip to remember is that the tape measure’s anchor point makes it possible for you to anchor a nail or screw to the end of it.  

Match kit with a waterproof case


It’s hard to survive without a match kit, because it will come in handy during emergencies, especially if the power goes out for an extended period. When it comes to starting a fire, matches are one of the most reliable options out there. They work on a variety of surfaces, and even though they can cause an accidental fire (which is why it’s important only to use them when needed), they’re handy for providing light and lighting a fire to keep you warm. A waterproof case is essential so that if there’s any flooding in your home, you can still use the matches.


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