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Make Yourself at Home: Tips for Giving Guests a Warm Welcome

The summer is the perfect time for hosting! If you enjoy having company, especially if you have a lot of space in your home, then you’ll undoubtedly make friends and family feel welcome. However, even though you have a spacious house, not every home is guest friendly. Here are some practical and decorative tips on how to make your home-sweet-home perfect for welcoming guests. 

welcome home

Give them a warm welcome  

Giving your guests a warm welcome sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to get caught up in making your home look beautiful right before the guests arrive that you can forget to greet them properly. So, whenever the guests ring the doorbell, open the door and welcome them warmly. Ask them how they’re doing and make them feel at home.  

In addition to a warm greeting, have a place to put their purses and personal belongings. You can offer to put their items in a closet or an office, so they don’t have to worry about later remembering where everything is when it’s time for them to leave. 

Spruce up the front entrance  

Front Entrance

A guest’s experience begins the moment they see your entryway and front door. Including a few simple decorations and greenery can make the world of difference. Customize seasonal decorations with DIY projects like a handmade wreath or fall succulent planters. Make sure the entry area is clutter free, so there’s enough room for you and your guests to greet one another and bring in their suitcases (if they’re staying for a while) without tripping over any shoes or awkwardly placed furniture. 

Keep the guest bedrooms simple  

simple bedroom

The guest bedrooms should be comfortable and welcoming but simple so that guests have enough room to unpack and organize their belongings. If you only have one guest room, twin beds are a better option over a queen-sized bed. That way children, friends, or couples can occupy the room comfortably. Place a shared table in between the beds so that guests have a place to put their items. Other thoughtful details in the room may include cozy throw blankets, an outlet strip for extra cords, reading lights, and a basket with snacks and bottled water. Fresh flowers on a side table are a nice touch too. 

Having something planned for your guests 

sitting outside at the pool

You don’t want friends and family members staying at your home without at least having a few ideas on what they can do during their stay.  Provide them with some activity ideas from a day-trip to an amusement park, shopping excursion, a lovely evening out at a local restaurant or a day at the pool. Don’t feel like you have to pack their itinerary with non-stop activities, just be considerate about keeping them entertained. 

Double check the details

check the details

Check the details to make sure everything is in order before guests arrive. Unused guest rooms sometimes go unnoticed because they’re not used daily (unless you have guests over all the time). That’s why you should check the light bulbs, set the clocks to the right time, and make sure the remotes are fully functioning. Clean the dust off of spots that are easy to miss and include recent magazines somewhere in the room in case guests forgot their reading materials. 

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