Apps for the Real Estate Obsessed

Several years ago, in order for you to purchase a home, you had to visit real estate companies who could only tell you what was available from listing services or newspapers. Today things are entirely different where the Internet has revolutionized real estate hunting. Every day it continues to advance and make home searches more accessible through real estate apps. Real estate apps wouldn’t exist if not for mobile phones. It’s crazy to think that according to Statista, the number of smartphone users is around 2.5 billion!

Real estate websites work for mobile phones, but real estate apps provide a lot more features and possibilities. Most people prefer to use their smartphone to look for homes and uncover a variety of other features such as amenities and in some cases even get a 3D tour of a house! These apps are not only ideal for consumers but also people in the real estate industry. It helps real estate agents be productive and focus on homes that are currently for sale.

Zillow Real Estate


Zillow is an excellent app that helps you quickly look for a dream home with user-friendly search filters. This app serves the full lifecycle of living in a home: buying, selling, remodeling, and more. Its database has more than 110 million U.S. homes listed including homes for rent, for sale, and homes not currently on the market.

Available On: iOS and Android devices
Price: Free



Trulia is an incredible app that allows you to explore different areas near homes and go on video tours to view different homes! It’s easy to specify specific home preferences such as home prices and the number of bedrooms. You can also save your favorites to various boards, which makes it easy to keep everything organized and share with colleagues or family members. Also, Trulia has separate apps for apartment and home rentals.

Available On: iOS and Android devices
Price: Free


Realtor.com_logo transparent

Realtor.com’s app allows you to view a variety of information about each property, search by area, see local amenities and open houses. It also offers other features such as locating nearby restaurants, stores, and photos of other listings. Another incredible feature is customizing a 3D map of different homes. Saving homes are easy, and you can access them on any device with the signed-up email or signing in using a social media account like Facebook. Similar to the Trulia app, Realtor.com offers two more apps that include searching for apartments and rentals.

Available On: iOS and Android devices
Price: Free


Redfin-WEB_Logo-Standard-1Redfin uses multiple listing services (MLS) making it possible to look through as many homes as possible using a single resource. Try a custom search, and you can search by home tours, amenities, and more. This app also tells you which homes may sell out right away so you can stay on top of things.

Available On: iOS and Android devices
Price: Free

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