Beautifully Organized and Functional Living Spaces to Transform a Home 

Some people have an excellent eye for design, but there’s some who don’t feel confident enough to decorate or organize a space without consulting many Pinterest boards before making any significant changes. Even then expectations don’t always align with reality. It’d be nice to have a designer at your beck and call to organize a space or make recommendations on where to put that new piece of furniture, but until you get the hang of decorating and organizing your home, you’ll have to settle for learning some helpful designer tips. Here are some secrets to help you achieve your organization and decorating needs. 

Don’t clutter up the kitchen

Banyan LakePark at Tradition Kitchen

Banyan Model at LakePark at Tradition 

As opposed to cluttering up the kitchen with mail, accessories like sunglasses and soda cans, and paperwork, use the kitchen for family time. Decorate your kitchen with minimal decorative pieces that won’t take over space. Keep things clean and tidy and designate another area to place that day-to-day stuff and enjoy a spacious kitchen that doesn’t become a “drop spot” for paperwork.   

Don’t skimp on the sofa

Laguna Model Sun City Center

Laguna Model at Sun City Center  

Don’t postpone a living room makeover because of the grandkids. Invest in a stylish, comfortable, and well-made sofa that will complement the space. Don’t deny yourself the couch you want; it’s time to decorate and make any interior your own!

Have a spot for non-decorative items 

organized closet

Via Honey We’re Home

Instead of putting non-decorative items wherever there’s space, store it in organized boxes or compartments that are accessible. Each storage location should be close to the area that it will be used. Also, make sure the accessories are easy to access and easy to put away.   

Use baskets for storage

Anna Maria Island Mariner Model

Mariner Model at One Particular Harbour 

Large baskets with lids are ideal for putting away items in living rooms and bedrooms. Select baskets in a color that accents the other colors in the room and don’t forget to use lids to cover up everything in the basket. Looking into a pile of random clutter takes away from the room and may make guests feel like your interiors are untidy.   

Implement large statement pieces

Turnberry Grand Model Naples

Turnberry Grand Model at TwinEagles  

Incorporate larger statement pieces to stand out when you are putting together a room instead of a bunch of smaller accessories that will make an interior look like it is full of clutter. Examples include a large picture on the wall or a beautiful mirror art piece behind the bed.


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