Spice up Your Home This Fall with These Décor Trends

Fall is finally arriving, which means it’s time to decorate accordingly! One of the best ways to really get into the fall spirit is to try your hand at DIY. Bring some fall spirit into your home with any of the five awesome DIY projects below!

Homemade Yarn Pumpkins

Via The Navage Patch

These super-cute yarn pumpkins are much easier than they look, and they’re the perfect fall accessory to your home. Mimic the neutral tones as shown in the picture above or get yarn in colors that match your home more closely, like classic pastels and sunny tones that fit most Minto homes. You can even get the kids involved by getting yarn in their favorite colors! Learn how to make them here.

DIY Cornucopia

Via Martha Stewart

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, impress all your guests with a homemade, DIY cornucopia! Though it may look intimidating to make, it’s actually just nine easy steps. Fill your cornucopia with fresh Florida fruit, dried or fresh flowers or any other potpourri that you like!

Simple Fall Wreath

Via DIY Beautify

In Florida and South Carolina, we don’t get the same fall weather and vibes that they do further north. One of the best ways to bring those colors and objects into your home is with a wreath! This affordable and simple fall wreath features yellow and orange flowers, autumn leaves and even little pumpkins!

Macrame Plant Hanger

Via Persia Lou

When we think of fall décor, beiges and browns come to mind, along with knits and other textures. That’s why macrame is the perfect fall accent for any home! To incorporate this aesthetic into your tropical paradise, make a macrame plant hanger. This super cute accessory will spruce up all your beautiful plants!

Autumn Leaf Mason Jars

Via Spark & Chemistry

What’s more Southern than Mason Jars? Give them a bit of fall flair by DIYing this super artistic leaf look! It’s easy to do, and you can use fake or real leaves. Put a candle inside—a small tea light would work, or an electric candle for a soft light. Place these on your porch or mantle for a warm autumn glow wherever you go!

We love these fall-themed ideas! What are some of your favorite fall DIY projects?

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