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6 Gorgeous Tablescapes to Try this Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, everyone is scrambling to make the most of them! If you’re planning on hosting this year, the pressure is even greater. One of the best ways to ensure a great dining experience is to set the table with a beautiful tablescape. As opposed to a themed centerpiece or tablecloth, a tablescape is an all-encompassing table design that meticulously includes every aspect of the dining experience into your chosen aesthetic. Below, we suggest 6 tablescapes for your holiday home!

Earth tones and natural textures

Via Jenni Kayne

Thanksgiving has an earthy vibe to it, and a tablescape like the one above taps into that wonderfully. Obviously, the centerpiece ties the table together, with a variety of textured florals and a pot with warm tones. However, take note of the wicker glasses, feather plate toppers and brown paper menus. It’s warm and inviting, adding a bit of earthiness to your Thanksgiving table.

Eclectic and festive pattern mixing

Via House Beautiful

To celebrate the holidays in full maximalist style, mix and match bold patterns that share similar color schemes in your tablescape. Here, the central tablecloth contains a variety of bright holiday colors and the gold cups, patterned plates and plaid napkins tie in nicely.

Invoke warmth with dark tones

Via Apartment 34

Make it cozy with warm tones that are slightly on the darker side, like this eggplant, green and orange tablescape. Not only are the florals beautiful, the touches of bright orange work in tandem with the eggplant napkins and black and white plate settings.  These traditional tones invoke Thanksgiving but in a way that works in an airy, light Florida home!

DIY Charm

Via House Beautiful

Bring a homemade touch to your holiday tablescape with a beautiful handwritten note, a simple paper chain and some glowing string lights. The taupe and sage colorings of this table work perfectly with the star motif and the tea lights. This is a great opportunity to make a menu or even a handwritten note for each guest.

Welcome rustic intimacy

Via Veranda

This tablescape works for either November or December, as it invokes feelings of chestnuts on the fire or a ski lodge. This thematic choice is present throughout each aspect of the table—the tree-lined mug, various green and black plaids and the wooden elements really tie it all together and bring a bit of rustic holiday charm to your home!

Ornaments off the tree

Via Casa de Perrin

For a little bit of sparkle, take the ornaments off the tree and place them on the table!  This brings some glam and sparkle to your tablescape, and you can up the ante with gold-trimmed plates and utensils. The beautiful crystal butterflies add an extra touch of glamour.

How are you designing your holiday tablescapes this year? Let us know in the comments!

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