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The Benefits of Active Adults Having Pets

Home is wScreen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.09.28 AMhere the heart is; once you’ve purchased your dream home, the next step is to fill it with unconditional love and happiness. Incorporating a cuddly companion into the family is the perfect way to do this. Here are the benefits of owning a pet:

1. You will have an exercise buddy

Staying active will be easier when you have a pet to walk every day. On the days you want to skip a workout, your furry friend will motivate you to exercise. Two fifteen-minute walks will help you meet the minimum recommendations for healthy physical activity. Aside from everyday walks, exercising with your pet will benefit the both of you. For instance, shining a flashlight on the wall while you do your usual workout will give a cat a healthy workout by chasing the light, not to mention keep you entertained. Your new workout buddy will keep you active and going every day.

2. You can meet new people

Not only does owning a pet keep you active, it may also improve your social life. Pet owners are drawn to other pet owners and tend to spark conversations when they see someone walking with their four-legged pal. This can be a great way to meet and introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Going somewhere like a dog park is another great way to interact with others and it will also allow your dog to socialize with other dogs.

3. You will feel safer

Your new companion can help you feel safer when you’re home alone because they alert you when they hear a noise; studies show that barking helps deter burglars. Knowing that your pet will detect someone prowling around will help your sense of security and put your mind at ease improving both your mental and physical health.

4. They can lift your spirits

Pets love you unconditionally and form special bonds with their owners. Looking after your pet helps you feel positive about the way you spend your time. Petting a cat or dog also has a calming effect and your special friend will be there to listen to you talk for as long as you want.

5. Empty Nesters

Sometimes pets can be a great way to fill a void. If your children have left the house, your animals become the ones you now take care of and form special relationships with. Training them and taking care of them will help you focus your attention elsewhere and keep you from feeling lonely. Many places are also extremely pet friendly allowing you to take your new friend with you when you shop or dine out.

Do you feel that pets are the perfect miracle workers to incorporate into your new home? Leave us some feedback in our comments section below!

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