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Stylish and Safe Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Living in Florida we all know the sun is our best friend, and also our worst enemy. We all love having that bronzed skin, but we definitely do not like the harmful effects it can have on us.. Take a look at some of our safe and stylish ways to protect your skin from the sun!


Moisturizers: Many skin care products offer moisturizers with SPF. This is a great wayto inspf moisturizercorporate sun protection into your everyday facial routine. Many times we only apply SPF when going to the beach or other outdoor activity. We do not take into account the everyday effects of sun on our skin from simply running errands or going for a quick walk. Try using a moisturizer, like Neutrogena, with built in SPF and you’ll have constant protection from the sun while also maintaining your silky smooth skin!





Hats: We all love a new trend. Try pairing a floppy hat with your bathing suit for a day at the beach. You’ll be full of style, while protecting your skin from those UV rays!





Bronzer: If you’re looking for that natural sun kissed look, without having to sit in the bronze4rsun for hours, bronzer is the way to go! Some bronzers, like Bare Minerals, offer powder and liquid bronzer with SPF. This makeup trick will make your skin look naturally tanner, while still providing you with the benefits of SPF protection.




umbrella beach


Umbrellas: Have you ever sat at the beach for so long that the heat becomes uncomfortable? Sometimes, there is no shelter from the sweltering rays of sunlight. Try bringing a beach umbrella with you! A stylish beach umbrella will allow you to enjoy longer days at the beach, with no worry of harming your skin.

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