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Creating a Fuctional Workspace at Home

Whether you’re temporarily working from home or you’ve shifted to a permanent remote position, having a spot where you can maintain focus is important. The same goes for kids or college students who may be facing another semester of distance learning from home. If you’re finding it difficult to create a space that works well, we’ve got a few tips to help.

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Don’t Work Where You Unwind

It may be tempting to just work from your couch or bed but these spaces are meant for relaxation, which can make it difficult to create the separation you need to do your job effectively. If you don’t have the luxury of a designated home office, consider setting up a small desk in the corner of your bedroom or living room. Have little ones to keep an eye on? Maybe your kitchen table or island offers you the best vantage point in an open concept space. Whatever space you choose, try to keep it separate from where you like to relax so you can keep your mind in work-mode.

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A Room with A View

If you can, set up your desk near a window. Having a nice view of the outside helps you stay connected with nature while you work. A room filled with natural light can help boost your mood and keep you more alert, helping you stay focused and more productive.

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Stay Organized

It’s easy to keep your office supplies organized when you work in an office but how do you manage to keep that set-up at home?  If working at a desk, try to keep things only needed for work on your desktop. This makes it easier to quickly find what you need. If you don’t have filing cabinets, storage bins or baskets could help you keep your paperwork organized and within reach. If you’re working in a community space like the kitchen or living room, you might consider a tray to hold your supplies that can easily be put away when your work day is done.

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Minimize Distractions

If you’re finding it too easy to get distracted at home, think about ways you can improve your workspace to stay focused. Wear headphones if you need to drown out noise. Hide the TV remote in another room so you don’t turn it on. Work further away from the kitchen to curb snacking urges.

Already have a great work-from-home space set up? Share your tips in the comments!

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