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2021 Interior Design Trends That’ll Add Style to Your Home

2020, sigh. We’ll admit it: we aren’t sad to say goodbye. For the majority of the world, the 2020 year was defined by shelter-in-place guidelines. As we adopted new daily routines, we also had to transform our homes into multifunctional spaces – accommodating things like work, entertainment, education and hospitality. While it’s certainly been a challenging year, migrating to indoor life has served as inspiration for new and emerging interior design trends for 2021.

Dreamsicle conch cottage model great room, Latitude Margaritaville

1 | Statement-Making Walls

Is there a bold paint color or wallpaper you’ve been ogling for ages? Good news! Rooms lavishly swathed in saturated hues and patterns are stealing the spotlight this year.

Staying indoors has triggered the need for self-expression, with designers encouraging people to infuse their homes with a pop of personality and creativity. After the limited social interaction of the past year, home interiors can serve as a space for communicating a playful narrative through uplifting colors and patterns.

Iris model great room, The Isles of Collier Preserve

2 | Environmentally Friendly Décor

Not only are traditional crafting techniques a huge trend, but consumers have made it clear that they want to know where companies source their materials from, if they’re exercising sustainability and even the story behind those making the products. From handmade rugs to recycled furniture to small-batch ceramics, 2021 design trends will be shaped by eco-friendly practices and shopping based on strong social values. One of the many benefits of buying a Minto home is that they offer a variety of green features from windows to lighting and more.

Sandhill model kitchen, Westlake

3 | New Color Trend: Black Kitchens

The timeless all-white kitchen is still wildly popular but there’s an interesting new trend emerging in kitchens across the country: black. Black cabinetry, in particular, is ideal for open floorplans, as it creates a strong distinction between the living area and kitchen space, while furnishing the area with an appetizing visual appeal that it may have lacked previously.

Considering adopting this look for your kitchen? Since black is incredibly versatile, there are a few ways to hop on this trend without creating a look that’s overwhelming. You can either pair open shelving with black to exude a lighter ambiance or utilize black purely for your kitchen island or lower cabinets and reserve a lighter shade for your upper ones.

Copperlily model master bedroom, The Isles of Collier Preserve

4 | Vintage Makes a Comeback

This is one trend that tends to recirculate every few years. Retro, repurposed and antique pieces are all elements that help emulate a vintage-themed style. The key to infusing your space with this vibrantly hued aesthetic is to use it strategically through statement pieces, accent walls or furniture. By doing so, you’ll create plenty of contrast without overdoing it. Try adding a couple luxe elements to start, and over time weave new pieces into your space to furnish it with a layered look.

Is there an interior design trend you’re excited to try out this year? Share with us in the comments below!

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