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Glow up Your Bedroom This Spring with These Paint Color Trends

Love pinning and re-pinning vibrant, fashion-forward and trendy bedroom décor ideas on Pinterest? Us too! It’s so fun to fantasize about creating a space that not only serves as a form of self-expression but is beautiful and cozy as well.  

If you’ve gotten tired of looking at your walls after a year of working from home, repainting your bedroom is a relatively effortless DIY project that can transform your space into a chic oasis – without draining your wallet.

From bright hues to calming blues, these color trends are a stylish and refreshing treat. The only question is: which color will you choose to glow-up your bedroom this Spring?

1 | Sweet & Tangy Orange Apricot

Add a little energy to your room by feeding your walls a dose of vibrant color. Whether you choose to go bright and bold or opt for a warm and cozy accent wall, apricot orange is a contemporary color capable of achieving an eclectic range of design styles. Sporting a smoother pigmentation than your typical everyday orange, this color is praised for its capacity to promote calmness, produce energizing effects and encourage overall wellness.

Photo Credit: Home Klondike

2 | Tangled Up in Blue

Saturated hues and lavish patterns have taken center stage this year. Blue shades are not only full of life but are known for producing a soothing effect – perfect for a little R&R after a long day at work. Think about it: don’t you feel a sense of peace and relaxation whenever you’re lounging by the ocean or laying beneath the warmth of a bright blue sky? And, after the stress of 2020, we think everyone deserves to be surrounded by a cozy and serene environment.

The Sandhill model at Westlake

3 | As Golden as the Yellow Sun

Yellow and gold color palettes began their rise to fame in 2019. Since then, the golden yellow shade has stolen the spotlight to become one of the most coveted home design trends of the year. Delivering both a vibrant and vintage aesthetic, golden yellow can add a nice touch of brightness to your room. What’s more, the shade is able to complement a wide variety of color schemes, so it’ll harmonize well with whatever type of décor you currently have.

Photo Credit: Behr

4 | Moody Maroon

Red is making a comeback, but this time as a darker, more saturated tone. Think reddish-brown and maroon shades rather than the flamboyant fire engine hue that usually comes to mind. Warm and woody nuances via accent pieces and wall shading will pair nicely with neutral, earthy colors as well as darker décor palettes.

Photo credit: The Spruce

5 | Artful Combinations of Color Blocking

Color blocking has been a long-standing trend in the fashion world; but now, it’s evolved into a stunning statement in the interior design space. It’s an effective way to transform the bare walls of a bedroom into a vibrant canvas without sifting through wall art websites or cracking open your piggy bank for expensive pieces of furniture. Color blocking is used to create bold focal points by pairing together contrasting shades of paint. The sky’s the limit with color blocking – from vibrant pigments to geometric effects – so let your imagination run free.

The Schefflera model at Westlake

Are you planning to give your bedroom the ultimate glow up this year? Tell us what color palette you plan on using in the comments below!

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