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5 DIY Photo Display Ideas to Show Off Your Favorite Moments

One of the greatest benefits of owning your own home is the ability to personalize it.  And one of the best ways to do that is to fill your home with photos of your favorite memories. Whether it’s a full wall dedicated to photos or individual frames here and there, keep reading for five easy DIY photo display ideas.

A bit of vintage flair

Via Craftivity Designs

The vintage style is evergreen—it’s eternally cool and easily accessible if you hit up thrift stores and tag sales. Make a geometric photo display using a vintage folding ruler in a few easy steps from Craftivity Designs. This display is rustic, retro and wonderful!

Make it organized

Via A Night Owl

Use clipboards for a super affordable and easy photo display. This display is able to hold a few special photos and is a gorgeous piece to show off your favorites! Paint the clipboards to highlight the photos and make the display stand out in your home. Learn how to put this together at A Night Owl!

Modern and geometric

Via The Caldwell Project

Try a cutting-edge style photo display with some jewelry cord and a little artistic imagination. This geometric beauty from The Caldwell Project allows you to clip your favorite photos on to a display that’s an art piece too. Break out the sketchbook and have some fun planning this out!

Don’t forget about frames

Via Anika’s DIY Life

Feeling handy? Make your own DIY plywood frames to display your photos! These frames are rustic yet chic and super easy to make. You can add illustrations, like above, or your kid’s drawings or family photos. Whatever you choose to feature will look great in these custom picture frames from Anika’s DIY Life.

Let them hang loose

Via The Sweetest Occasion

Let your favorite photos hang loose with this easy display from The Sweetest Occasion. All you need is twine, a hole punch and something to hang them from, such as a wood dowel or metal rod. Depending on the size of your hanging rod, you can fit a lot of photos on this display—this example holds 30 photos!

How are you planning to display your favorite photos? Let us know in the comments below!

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