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5 Rising Design Trends of 2022

Every year brings a new opportunity to explore new design territory and refresh your living space. From all-new trailblazing trends to nostalgic throwbacks making their way back into the fold, here are a few of the top trends we’re seeing to help breathe new life into a ho-hum home.

Photo: Minto Tequesta Grand Model Great Room, Westlake


Art is getting a multidimensional makeover for 2022. This year we’re seeing more 3D wall hangings, sculptures and paper crafts that bring an extra pop of personality to a living room or bedroom.

Photo: Ruggable


Gone are the days of all-white furniture and all-grey walls. Bold colors are making a comeback in a big way. From bright and sunny to dark and moody, there’s a resurgence from both extremes of the spectrum in paint colors, couches, accent chairs, window treatments, throw pillows, rugs and even beds.

Photo: Décor Outdoor


Indoor/outdoor spaces are valued now more than ever. Since 2020, people have been focusing more time, money and attention into making the patio or lanai feel more like part of the rest of their home. This year we’re seeing an increase in high-end outdoor furniture made from sturdy, sleek materials like teak, stainless steel and concrete.

Photo: Minto Barbuda Model Study, Latitude Margaritaville Daytona Beach


As we continue to navigate our way through the world of hybrid working and learning, some living spaces have evolved to take on more uses than ever before. Living rooms double as home offices. Bedrooms double as classrooms. If you’re lucky, you may even have a flex room already built into your home like many Minto homeowners do!

Photo: Real Style Network


The curved furniture comeback that began last year doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Curved couches, dining chairs, accent chairs and tables are still dominating the home design landscape in a swath of rich velvet, leather, marble and wood.

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