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Tasteful DIY Crafts for Your Home

Check out some of our ideas to give your home a personal touch without breaking the bank!

Personalized House Number

door number

This can look great on any house. Find a nice piece of background wood that you like, and paint/stain it to the color of your choosing. You can find nice house numbers and the small wooden flower box, pictured to the left, at craft stores like Michaels™. Paint the flower box the color of your choice to match your house, nail the numbers and box on the wooden frame, and there you go! Fill the flower box with your favorite flower or plant, and you’re all set!



Door Turned Memory Holder

door made frame

Take an old door, or find one at a yard sale, with window frames. This can be used as a rustic picture frame! If you don’t like the color of the door, sand and paint it with a color to match your home. Turn the door to the side and tape your pictures to the back side.




Pallet Art

This is a great way to add some uniqueness to your home. All you need is a wooden plaque, nails, and yarn. Use a hammer to shape the nails into block letters. We recommend doing the first letter of your last name. Tie a small not with the yarn around one nail and continue working your way around all the nails. If you do not want to create letters, you can also make a shape such as a heart. This can be a great piece for any room in your home.


DIY Terrarium


Terrariums are perfect for adding some green to your home. You will need: a glass bowl or vase, charcoal, small rocks or pebbles, soil, and terrarium plants. Put the charcoal on the bottom of the vase, then layer the rocks or pebbles. Next put the soil on top (you can use moss as well). Then place the terrarium plants on top. This craft is super easy and brings some outdoor fun to your indoor living space.

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