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Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Looking to spend more time outdoors this summer? Check out our outdoor entertaining ideas that will make your home the life of the party!

Campfire & S’mores


Nothing says summer like a campfire and s’mores! You can get a campfire set up at your local hardware store and invite friends over for a casual outdoor get-together. You can even cook hot dogs and popcorn. This is perfect for a summer night activity! Plus, the kids will love it too!


Mobile Bar


Looking to entertain your guests outdoors? Create a bar to take outside. Put all of the essentials you need to make great cocktails on a small mobile bar, and your guests will be able to enjoy the outdoors all day long! This is a very easy DIY project that is sure to WOW your guests!


Family Barbecue


We’ve all been to a family barbecue, and they are a great summer activity. Get your family and friends together with a delicious meal! Try to get the kids involved and show them how to barbecue as well, they are sure to love it! Look up some new recipes and start a new tradition with your family.


Outdoor Movie Night


Create your own drive-in movie theatre right in your backyard! All you need is a projector, speakers, and your favorite movie to create a memorable night. Bring blankets, pillows, and snacks outdoors for a fun family (or adult!) night in!

Yard Games


Yard games can be a great activity to do during the day. Try starting a “Yard Game Olympics” day with all of your friends and family. Play any, or all, of the games listed below, and whoever wins gets a prize!  

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