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Mini Vacation Ideas for This Summer

Don’t have the time or budget for a big vacation this summer? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some great mini vacation ideas!     Juniper Springs, Florida Enjoy nature this summer and head to Juniper Springs in Florida. This is a great spot for a relaxing weekend. Visitors can camp… Continue reading Mini Vacation Ideas for This Summer

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Great Everyday Makeup Products to Help Your Skin

Applying makeup everyday can be draining on your skin. Try incorporating some of our tips into your everyday makeup routine! Use a Moisturizer with SPF Start off your day using a moisturizer with SPF. Although you might not spend much time in the sun throughout the day, it can’t hurt to be protected. Try this… Continue reading Great Everyday Makeup Products to Help Your Skin

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The Benefits of Yoga

Looking for an exercise for your mind, body, and soul? Here are a few reasons to give yoga a try: Stress Yoga is a practice of the mind and body. Our lives can be so hectic and stressful at times, we need to take a moment and relax. The combination of controlled poses, physical exercise,… Continue reading The Benefits of Yoga

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Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Family

  Christmas Eve Pajamas This is a great idea you can start when your kids are little and continue throughout the years! Buy the entire family matching pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. You will have the best pictures on Christmas morning to look back on! Ornament Collection Start a tradition where each person in… Continue reading Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Family

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Going Green

You always hear it nowadays…GO GREEN! But what does it really mean? Going “Green” means reducing your carbon footprint by practicing an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible lifestyle as well as making decisions to help protect the environment and sustain natural resources. In addition to protecting the environment, most green measures also help you save money!… Continue reading Going Green