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8 Ideas for DIY Spring Floral Arrangements

April showers bring May flowers, so we say bring on the bouquets! Whether you have a beautiful flower garden at home or just love to browse your local florist or nursery, you don’t have to be a professional to create a lovely arrangement full of beautiful blooms at home.

Photo: Mom Foodie


You don’t need to use a variety of flowers to make a sweet spring bouquet. We love this adorable watering can full of bright yellow flowers by Mom Foodie. Want to recreate this with your own sunny selection? Just soak floral foam in water, place it in the bottom of the watering can, trim your flower stems and pop them in. Easy!

Photos: Home is Where the Boat is


Looking for a simple trick to keep your flowers in place? The answer could be in your fridge or on your counter right now. Just reuse your mesh produce bags! It’s easier and more cost-effective than creating a grid with floral tape. Check out the tutorial at Home is Where the Boat is.

Photo: Life on Kaydeross Creek


There’s something about a white pitcher that just makes the colors of a beautiful bouquet really pop. This simple rustic twist adds a little more character than a traditional glass vase. If you don’t have a white pitcher, any one will do!

Photo: Lora B


Have a citrus tree in your yard? Put it to good use by lining your vase with sliced fruit. Orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit all work really well for this purpose, adding a fresh, cheerful accent that’s perfect for any spring or summer centerpiece. Follow this tutorial by Lora B to create your own lovely citrus arrangement.

Photo: Southern Living


Whether you have a classic magnolia, vibrant bottlebrush or another gorgeous flowering tree, consider adding a few branches to your arrangement. Depending on what look you’re going for, branches can either add height and drama or a simple, understated elegance.

Photo: The Home I Create


This farmhouse-style arrangement makes a perfect centerpiece or a lovely addition to a sideboard. Best of all, it’s simple to do. All you need is a wooden box, a few mason jars and your chosen flowers. Check out this easy tutorial at The Home I Create.

Photo: Country Living


Whether you visit your local florist to find the perfect arrangement, create one from your garden or even use artificial flowers (we won’t tell!), a simple hanging basket can add a beautiful pop of spring colors to your front door.

Photo: Good Housekeeping


Add a playful touch by separating blooms into an arrangement of glass bottles. Tie them together with twine or gather them on a tray for a beautiful spring centerpiece.

Are you putting together a spring flower arrangement? Share your own tips below!

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