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5 Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Outdoor Party

Summer is in the air and that means getting outside with friends and family for get-togethers and parties. Whether it’s a backyard bash, a celebration in the park or a Fourth of July barbecue on the town green, Minto Communities loves to see neighbors come together!

Here are 5 tips to help make your next outdoor party an unforgettable event:

  1. Prep Like a Pro

An outdoor party might feel casual, but it still takes planning and setup to make your gathering a success. Think about the space you’re using, what seating is available and whether you have what you need for activities like socializing, eating a meal, dancing or games. If you’re using a public park or community land, find out if you need to get permits or reserve space for the day. Planning ahead will take a lot of the stress out of day-of tasks.


  1. Focus on the Food

Whether it’s just snacks or a full sit-down meal, food is always a big part of what people remember from a party. Plan out a menu that will appeal to your entire guest list. Try to find out about dietary restrictions or allergies ahead of time. Also prepare any food you can ahead of time, so you’re not spending the entire party in the kitchen. Instead you can just heat and serve, and spend more time with your guests.


  1. Light Up the Night

If you’re party is going into the evening, make sure you have appropriate lighting. String up some lights overhead for a festive feel, or use ground lights to guide guests and help visitors avoid any obstacles or trip hazards in the space. Open flames like tiki torches and citronella candles can add atmosphere and repel insects, but keep safety in mind any time fire is involved in your party décor.


  1. Keep Inside in Mind

If it’s a block party or backyard get-together, remember that you may get foot traffic inside your house as well. Make sure the more visible parts of your home — especially any rooms on the path to the bathroom — are cleaned up and ready for guests as well.6117-07812345


  1. Watch the Weather

The fresh air makes outdoor parties even more fun, but it also means your event is dependent on the weather. Try to plan for a dry time of year if possible, but if you do see inclement weather in the forecast, either communicate an alternative date to your guests, rent a tent or canopy for the party or find an alternative space indoors as a backup.

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