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Latitude Bar & Chill — THE place for fun, friends and a Fins Up dining experience!

The Latitude Latitude Bar & Chill restaurants within Latitude Margaritaville communities are popular gathering places where everybody knows your name and every day is a celebration. A colorful teal and tangerine exterior and palm tree lined entrance beckons fun-loving diners to enter and enjoy! With indoor/outdoor seating, open air Changes in Attitude Bar for poolside service, and live music daily, who could resist?

This dynamic dining and entertainment environment is intended to live and breathe like a popular street side restaurant but the great news for Latitude Margaritaville residents is it’s located in the vibrant Latitude Town Square, and the Bar & Chill is available exclusively to residents, their guests, and future homeowners touring the community with a New Home Sales Professional. Latitude Bar & Chill offerings are presented at an affordable price point that allows residents to come back over and over — and they do!

Latitude Bar & Chill menu design is a creative team effort

It gets even better! Latitude Margaritaville residents have a big say in developing the restaurant’s appealing menus. According to Vice President of Community Hospitality and Lifestyle, Scott Gambone, “A unique ingredient of our menu design is that we periodically issue a menu survey to all residents, asking them questions like what they like to eat and drink and special qualities about their favorite restaurants. We then review the surveys and sit with the executive chef and Margaritaville culinary team to develop menus that are on brand with the Margaritaville lifestyle. The residents and chefs drive the menu based on continual resident feedback and survey responses.”

Latitude Burger

The next steps in menu design are to incorporate the chef’s vision, test recipes, taste items, and set the menu. Then there are multiple menu tastings. Sometimes the same dish is tested numerous times to perfect the recipe. When the items are perfected to the team’s liking, final recipe cards are created, and the chef practices preparing the dishes. A final tasting by leadership takes place before the items are offered to guests. The next step is to train the staff members who also taste every dish so that they can describe menu selections to diners.

Latitude Margaritaville House Fajitas

An ever-fresh presentation of favorite mainstays and tasty specials

The Latitude Margaritaville main menu includes 25 popular items and a regular presentation of five to seven specials. It includes an exciting range of shareable items ranging from Latitude Nachos to Street Tacos, salads, wraps and sandwiches that include the amazing Latitude Burger made with a blend of prime beef, brisket and ground sirloin and served on a buttered brioche bun.  In addition, there is an incredible selection of entrées ranging from Latitude Margaritaville House Fajitas to Catch of the Day. There also are lots of delicious weekly surprise specials.

Street Tacos
Pineapple Salad

To spice things up even more, there are many fun events and themed dining presentations. Some examples include National TV Dinner Day with classic homemade TV dinners served in a TV dinner tray, Talk Like a Pirate Week with Caribbean fish stew and pirate’s grog topped off with a Pirates’ Parade, Mardis Gras with a featured Jambilaya dish and more.

Beverage concoctions keep you coming back for more… It’s always 5 O’Clock Somewhere®!

The Latitude Bar & Chill concoctions menu is truly over the top in creative beverage presentations. To develop the enticing cocktail menu, the Latitude Margaritaville team worked with Margaritaville’s beverage manager to review the top selling drinks at Margaritaville resorts and hotels.

Last Mango in Paris

The result…concoction magic with cocktails such as the Chill Margarita, Last Mango in Paris, Island Dreamsicle, Key Lime Pie Martini, Don’t Stop the Carnival, Funky Monkey and many more. Some favorite resident concoction recipes are sometimes added to the menu and even named after the resident as well such as Linda’s Gin Fizz. Of course, the beverage menu also includes a great selection of reasonably priced wines and beers. 

Key Lime Pie

Living the dream at Latitude Margaritaville

Many residents comment that living at Latitude Margaritaville is like being on vacation every day.  No wonder, when you consider that a typical day at Latitude Margaritaville might include taking a swim in the Paradise Pool, relaxing with a creative concoction, and topping off the fun with a tasty lunch or dinner with friends at the Latitude Bar & Chill! 

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