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Memory Boosters – Things you can do to stay sharp


Changes in thinking and memory are inevitable as we age. But do not fret —no matter what your age, small and simple lifestyle changes can keep your mind working sharply.

Here are three simple memory boosting tips you can use in your everyday life to stay sharp as a knife.

#1 Skip the elevator and take the stairs. 

As much as we like to think we can dodge exercise, it really benefits your head as much as your lovely physique. But we’re not talking about lifting weights or running on a tread mill. Simply taking the stairs as a healthy alternative can get your blood flowing and mind open. Cardiorespiratory fitness lowers the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. What’s more? These are all risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease. Putting a few flights of stairs into your daily routine can add up immensely and do wonders for your mind and body even with the smallest efforts.

#2 Don’t forget your morning cup of coffee or tea. 

Stop and sip a nice warm mug of coffee or tea in the morning and throughout the day. Green and black tea leaves have a protective effect on memory, influencing enzymes in the brain. The caffeine in tea and coffee sparks concentration and people who drink moderate amounts of coffee during their life (three to five cups a day) have shockingly lower odds of developing dementia as you age, according to Finnish and French researchers.

Also, taking a coffee or tea break throughout the day can help relieve stress and get your mind in order. Ahhh…refreshing benefits everywhere.

#3 Take a mental “photograph!” 

Our brain is really a complex thing. Memories are not only stored in one spot of the brain, but all over. Shreds of data are processed and stored in different areas. So in order to help make a memory last, take a snapshot of the moment using all of your senses. What do you hear? How does it taste? What is around you? Pay attention to detail in that very moment. This mental alertness can help you hold on to happy memories longer. Or it can simply help you remember where you put your glasses.

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