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Fun ways to get in shape for summer!

It’s almost time for summer! And we’re about to show you some fun ways to get in shape for summer! Use these simple tricks and have some fun with your workouts to get your healthy summer body!

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and waterways, so why not take advantage of it? Take a kayak down one of Florida’a rivers and get a great arm workout in. You can also try a two person kayak and workout with a friend!

Paddle boarding
If kayaking was too easy for you try renting a paddle board at the beach! You’ll be surprised how many different muscles it uses. You’ll definitely be feeling it in your abs

Look up the beaches in your area for a sunrise or sunset yoga class. You’ll be able to get in shape and see all of Florida’s beauty in one session!

Pedal pub
One of the great things about Florida is that you can always be outside. If you’re looking for a great workout to do with friends try signing up for a pedal pub! You can fit up to 12 per bike people and get a scenic tour of a Florida city. Plus you get to bring your own drinks! These bikes make for a killer leg workout!

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