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Summer Trends to Keep Up With

We’re all constantly looking to keep up with the hottest summer trends. We’ve made it easy for you! Here are some trends for your closet and home to help you stay up to date with the latest crazes.



You can find ANYTHING with pineapples on it nowadays. They are just one of this summer’s top trends! Try adding a decorative pillow or dishes to your home. Stores like HomeGoods® have tons of pineapple printed goods for a really great price!

pineapple dishespineaple pillow






If you ask any beauty professional what the color of the summer is, almost all will tell you yellow. Try pairing a simple sundress with some fun accessories. Everyone needs a little color in their wardrobe, why not try yellow!




Insulated Water Bottles

These water bottles are perfect for summer! Companies like S’well® and Yeti® have created water bottles that keep drinks cold all day, and they actually work! For the hot summer months they are definitely worth the investment. Plus, they have so many cute and fun designs to choose from! swell-water-bottles.jpg


Short Wedges

Ladies, we all know how it feels to wear heels out for a night. By the end of the night your feet are swollen and painful, but we never want to give up our heels. Try wearing a short wedge. These are  definitely the new style of the summer. Stay comfortable all

night while also looking great. It will be the best shoe choice you’ve made all year!

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 11.27.50 PM


Fun Pool Floats

Unique pool floats are becoming the craze of the summer. Make your backyard pool the neighborhood hot spot by investing in some fun floats! This large flamingo float can be purchased on Amazon® for $30, and they have so many more to choose from!





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