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Tips & Tricks for Vacationing this Summer

Packing for a vacation can be stressful. There are so many little things that we never think of until it’s too late. That’s why we’re providing you with the best tips and tricks when packing for your summer vacation!


Roll Those Clothes!


Packing your suitcase is definitely one of the most stressful parts of vacationing. By rolling your clothes you can save lots of space AND prevent wrinkles! If you are bringing breakable items, such as glass bottles, you can also roll them in your clothes to protect them. Also, if you are bringing lots of shoes, try putting your socks inside of sneakers to save space.


Sneaker Balls

     sneaker ballsYou may have heard of sneaker balls before, but never thought to use them to freshen clothes. Try putting one or two sneaker balls in your suitcase.They will keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout your whole trip! Additionally, bring a large plastic bag for your used clothes, and put a sneaker ball in the plastic bag to ensure that your unused clothes keep their clean scent.


Charge On The Go

portable phone charger

Try investing in a portable phone charger. They are small and light enough to easily fit in your purse or backpack. This will give you a sense of security, especially if you are in a new place.


Sunglasses Storage canbles and chargers phone case

A great way to save space and keep your suitcase organized is to bring a sunglasses case for your cables, headphones and chargers. Instead of having your cables and chargers laying around in your suitcase and potentially getting lost, this is a perfect way to keep them safe!


Jewelry Holder

pills container jewlery

Try using a pill container for your jewelry! This can be especially helpful for small items like earrings and rings. It can also be super helpful to keep necklaces and bracelets from tangling together.

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