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Top 10 Solo Travel Destinations

Sometimes we all deserve a break from reality, and need a vacation to ourselves. We have outlined the top ten places to solo travel around the world!


1.       Austin, Texas

Starting in the United States, Austin is an amazing place to travel solo. Austin is the “live music capital of the world”. If you like entertainment, Austin is the place to go! From live music to bull riding, there is always something to do. If you’re looking for a more relaxing vacation, go to Barton Springs. This man-made swimming pool is fed by the Main Barton Spring. You’ll leave here feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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2.       Washington, D.C.


Still in the U.S., Washington D.C. is a great solo travel destination. With hundreds of historic landmarks and restaurants, it’s the solo traveler’s dream. There are also hundreds of museums that can peak anyone’s interest. Try going to the spy museum or the holocaust museum. In this city, there is truly something for everyone.

3.       Canada


Moving on to our neighboring country, Canada is a beautiful place to take a vacation. If you have the time, try visiting multiple cities. Vancouver has a coastal and city atmosphere, and has lively entertainment. If you like sports, stop by Montreal to catch a hockey game. During the holiday season stop by Quebec to see authentic German Christmas Markets. And of course, Niagara Falls is an amazing scenic landscape.

4.       Munich, Germany

Now moving onto Europe, Munich is a great place to travel solo. Many German natives speak English, so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier. Munich is filled with interesting museums and nightlife. Germany is known for their beer gardens and outdoor culture. Before you go, check what festivals are going on during your stay. From carnivals, to beer festivals, to ballet festivals, you are sure to find something that interests you!


5.       Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one incredible city. Located on the beautiful beaches of Spain, be prepared to have a very relaxing vacation. There are thousands of restaurants with authentic Spanish foods you’ll be dying to try. There is also so much history that has taken place in Barcelona. Parc Guell has an amazing view of the entire city and La Sagrada Familia is a great place to see Spanish architecture.


6.       Croatia


Croatia is a beautiful place to travel to. The locals are also known for loving tourists, so you will feel extremely safe. Located right on the Mediterranean Sea, it has spectacular landscapes and views. There is so much history from the Roman Empire to explore, as well as thousands of shops, bars and restaurants. Try getting a hotel on the coast to wake up this beautiful view.

7. Saba, Caribbean


Saba is one of the little-known islands in the Caribbean. It is located right next to St. Maarten. If you are looking for your next solo adventure, Saba is the place to go. The beautiful small towns will make you feel safe and secure. The island has gorgeous landscapes to hike, bike, and dive. You will never be bored here!

8. Iceland

Iceland is absolutely beautiful. You could easily spend all day gazing at the scenery around you, but there is so much more to explore in here! Many of the locals speak English, which makes tourists feel very safe. Take a bus to see the Northern Lights (you can sign up for tours online, or through your hotel). Then check out the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa. You are sure to have your most relaxing day here!


9. Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is located on the Danube River, which makes for some great scenery. Try taking a boat tour or a free walking tour! There is so much history to learn about the city that the locals can teach you (most speak English). The city has great public transportation that is easy to navigate on your own. When in Budapest, you must visit the Turkish Baths. They hold so much history, and are definitely a sight worth seeing.

10. Okinawa, Japan


Last, but certainly not least, is Okinawa, Japan. Many people don’t know that Okinawa is a very tropical island. It is known for its beaches, which can make for quite a relaxing solo travel destination. There is also a lot of nightlife with bars and restaurants. There are also museums and caves to explore. Okinawa has a great balance of history and relaxation to make for a perfect solo trip.

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