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This Year’s Best Yankee Swap Gifts

Yankee swap gifts can be hard to find. We’re making it easy for you this year! Find a gift that everyone will love without breaking the bank right here:

  1. Smart Phone Lens Kit

This universal smart phone lens is perfect for the professional and amateur photographer. This $20 lens kit can transform your photos into wide lens and macro lenses instantly! You’ll feel like a pro! Plus, it works on any smartphone.

lens yankee

2. Mini Donut Maker

Who wouldn’t want this cool gift? Make gourmet donuts right in your kitchen! This unexpected gift is perfect for kids and adults of all ages.

donut yankee

3. Lindt Chocolates

What’s better than one piece of chocolate? 44 pieces of chocolate! This huge milk chocolate LINDOR maxi ball is filled with 44 smaller pieces. Everyone will be fighting over this delicious gift.

lindt yankee swap

4. Mermaid Blanket

Mermaids have been a huge trend in 2017. These blankets are perfect for someone who likes to be cozy during the winter season.

mermaid yankee swap

5. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

This cool new gadget can be used to talk to clients on the way to work, connect with your family, or listen to music on a jog, all while keeping you warm. This hat features a built in bluetooth with speaker system and mic. Everyone will be loving the amazing features in this stylish hat.




6. Wine Glass Holder

Participating in an adult-only Yankee swap? Look no further! These wine glass holders will be the hit of the party. They are both cute and festive, and a wine lovers dream! (Depending on your spending limit you could throw in two wine glasses or a bottle of wine too!)

wine glass holders

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