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Home Decorating Trends That Won’t Break The Bank

Bring the Outdoors Inside

If your home has a beach theme, or you would like it to, put wicker furniture in your living room. This furniture can be less expensive than typical indoor furniture. Plus it is extremely easy to clean and is comfortable. Try dressing it up with some throw pillows or fluffy blankets. You will definitely be a trendsetter with these couches!


Accent Walls

Accent walls are very much in style this year. What is so great about an accent wall is you don’t have to paint the whole room. It is inexpensive and adds a bit of excitement to your home. If you have white or very light walls, add a darker color to even out the room.



Label Jars

Make your kitchen pop by labeling your jars. Find decals or write on them with permanent marker. This is a perfect way to make a messy kitchen look less cluttered. If you have jars sitting on your counter and they just don’t fit in with your kitchen, this is perfect for you. You can make the decals match the colors of your walls in your kitchen to really tie the whole room together.


Bar Cabinet Makeover

If you have an extra cabinet that you no longer have use for, turn it into a mini bar! This is completely a DIY project, and you can incorporate your own style and flare. Install wine glass holders, get some nice glasses, and give it a paint job. Your guests will love the unique experience they have at your house!



DIY Photo Table

Get a piece of plexiglass cut to fit the size of your coffee table. Put family or travel photos under it and place it on your coffee table. This will make for a very unique piece of furniture in your home, and also be a great conversation starter when guests come over.



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