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Best Designer Approved Lanai Decorating Ideas

Do you like sitting out on your lanai relaxing while drinking a cup of coffee, reading a book, and listening to the birds?

Or, would you rather have guests over for a dinner party to mingle and enjoy the cool evening breeze?

Either way, how you decorate your lanai can set the tone for your space.

Crafting your dream lanai can get a little tricky if you don’t take some time to think it all through.

That’s why we wanted to walk you through some points to consider when decorating your lanai or porch.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • 4 Tips for Styling Your Lanai
  • Lanai Decorating Ideas

4 Lanai Styling Tips

While everyone has their own style there are a few things to keep in mind that are universal when decorating your lanai. These things make small spaces feel big and keep your lanai from looking cluttered, or worse, bland and boring.

1.   Mix & Match

Carefully mixing and matching colors, fabrics, and textures is a great way to elevate your design.

One fun twist you can do is mixing up furniture pieces. This keeps your lanai from looking like it was just picked straight out of a catalog or right off of the furniture store’s floor set.

For example, this blue couch is a great way to add some color while the wicker seats give a boho vibe to the space.

2.   Keep It Bright & Airy

Lighting is key to the design. Keeping colors light and incorporating interesting lighting fixtures is a great way to make the space feel bigger.

Wicker or rattan outdoor furniture gives an airy feel and isn’t as bulky as some of the alternatives. Pairing that with its natural wooden color or white paint makes it feel like it’s barely taking up space.

3.   Create Different Zones

Defining spaces is a great way to get the most out of a bigger lanai or porch. You can do this by adding rugs to signify spaces or plants as “dividers”.

Then you can create a seating and dining area to make the perfect place to host outdoor get-togethers. The use of a wet bar or countertop can also create kitchen space in your lanai.

4.   Be Proportionate

Nothing throws off a space like disproportionate furniture or accessories. A rug that’s too small or too big can make a huge difference in how spacious the room feels.

Accessories can go from tasteful to cluttered when they are too large or if there are too many.

For example, while this wicker chair is a fun addition to the lanai it is too large to be placed with the bistro dining area. It overcrowds the space making it feel cramped and hard to maneuver around.

Lanai  Decorating Ideas

So now that you know the basics of decorating your lanai or porch let’s start planning it out. Every little detail can take your space to the next level so let’s walk through the different parts to consider.

Walls & Ceiling

A home is four walls and a ceiling. A lanai is one or two walls, a ceiling, and usually some screening.

Here’s how to make the most of it.

Accent Wall

Lanais often only have one or two walls. So use that to your advantage. Make one an accent wall that stands out and sets the tone.

You can use a bright color or a fun pattern that ties in with your home’s overall theme. For example, you can add a stone veneer wall and fireplace to your lanai to create a focal point.

Fans & Lighting

If you live in Florida, or any southern state, you know how hot it can get outside during the summer months. Make the outdoors a little more comfortable with a ceiling fan that can keep you cool.

We also recommend getting a ceiling fan with a light or adding accent lighting so you can enjoy your lanai once the sun sets. This is another place you can have some fun styling by adding twinkle lights or lanterns.

Little twinkly lights or lanterns can transform your lanai by creating a relaxing and romantic setting. You won’t have to leave your house to enjoy a lovely date night.


A floor can be both functional and fun. While many people skip doing anything to their lanai floors, they’re missing out on taking their space to the next level.

There are many different ways you can go about decorating your lanai floor:

  • Paint – make sure it is made to last outdoors
  • Tile – have fun with different patterns
  • Pavers – bricks or stone are a great way to define a space
  • Rugs – Be mindful of the environment, your lanai can be exposed to rain or humidity so make sure the rug you choose is made for outdoor use.

Rugs are a great way to add comfort outside and help section off the spaces.


Depending on how much room you have, you can either create several different spaces or make the space into one multi-functional space. From there you can decide what type of furniture will pull it all together.

Outdoor Dining Set

A glass-topped table with some comfy seating is a great way to turn your lanai into the perfect dinner party spot.

When picking your dining set, always double-check the measurements to make sure it will fit comfortably. There’s nothing worse than knocking elbows or squeezing behind seats.

Comfortable Chair & Loveseat

Make a great place to gather with friends or just a cozy spot to read a book with a chair and loveseat grouping.

Wicker or rattan pieces are a great way to add a tropical feel. Then add a pop of color with the cushions or throw pillows.

We recommend getting easily removable cushions if you live in an area that is particularly humid or has frequent storms. This way you can bring them inside when they are not in use and extend the furniture’s lifespan.


This is where you can really add your personal touch and make your space special. Think outside of the box and let your personality shine.

Make It Green

Liven up your lanai or porch with some plants! Hanging, wall or container gardens are perfect for small spaces.

If your lanai’s style is more classic you can add traditional flowers or you can make it tropical with Alocasia, also known as elephant ears. Whatever you decide, make sure it isn’t toxic to your furry friend.

Combine Old & New

Nothing adds character like a well-selected antique piece. Mixing a bit of old with the new adds a unique flair and can give a cozy vibe to a more modern lanai.

For example, you can find an antique piece of furniture to use as a statement piece, like this beautiful rustic coffee table.

Personalized Porch Signs

Personalize your porch with a couple of signs. From a welcome sign to a motivational quote, a sign is a great way to add your own personality and help you stand out from your neighbor.

Find & Design Your Dream Lanai With Minto Communities

Did you know that lanai means tropical porch or patio in Hawaiian? Well, that is very fitting for our coastal Minto homes.

Every Minto home has a covered lanai or porch to enjoy the beautiful Florida or South Carolina weather. 
Once you’ve selected your new Minto home you can design your perfect lanai by visiting the design center located at the sales office.  You will get the chance to meet with a trained design consultant who will walk you through the selection process and answer all of your questions. For inspiration, check out our Westlake Design Center.

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