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Best Post- Holiday Workout Routines 

The holidays are over and reality is back in full swing. That means time to hit the gym again! Don’t dread your workouts this year with our best tips for post-holiday workout routines.


Barre is a mix of Pilates, yoga, and dancing. It is a great way to build muscle and strengthen your core. It’s also a great class to take with friends to challenge each other! Barre classes are usually small which allows the trainer to connect with everyone. This is really great for beginners to get a feel for the class.


Kangaroo Jumps

If you have never heard of Kangaroo Jumps you should definitely give it a try. You can buy the shoes and take a class, or do workouts on your own. Kangaroo Jumps are rebounding boots that make for a great cardio workout. Your legs will thank you after this one!


Kayla Itsines

Sometimes it can be hard to take a few hours out of your day to get to the gym. That’s why our next few suggestions can be done at home. Kayla Itsines’ app shows you how to get a great workout right from your home. Kayla makes the workouts simple and easy to follow, and they are only 28 minutes! She also shows you how to eat healthier and create a meal plan to fit your lifestyle.


Online Yoga Subscriptions

Yoga is great for weight loss, reducing stress, and stimulating the digestive system. And it can all be done from your living room! Sign up with a company like Yogaglo, which offers monthly subscriptions for online yoga classes with impressive instructors.



The Peloton bike was huge this holiday season, and for good reason. You can bike against others with live instructors from your home. If you are looking for a long term investment and love a great cardio workout, Peloton is definitely the workout for you.



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